Street Litter Can Lead to Long-Lasting Environmental Damage

Earth is facing a lot of environmental issues which includes pollution, greenhouse effects, water shortage, and so on. The fact that the world is now covered with different wastes and litter does not make the situation better. You need to be aware that wastes dumped on landfills are multiplied every single day, causing more and more damage to the earth’s soil, air, and water.

With that said, you need to know how much street litter can affect the environment. The wrapper of your chewing gum and even the small cigarette butts can cause serious environmental issue if it is not disposed properly. Littering the environment can damage not only the areas where we live but also the air and water. Here are some of the main sources of litter:

  • Pedestrians: Failing to dispose their garbage in garbage bins and trash cans
  • Motorists: Throwing garbage out of their car or motor vehicle.
  • Households: Failure to secure their trashcans, inviting scavengers, wildlife, or the wind. Unsecured trashcan will cause the garbage to litter the streets.
  • Humans in general: Littering at public places
  • Construction Sites: Large amounts of debris and other materials resulting in ignored litter.

You have to understand that littering is one of the major contributors to the world’s environmental problems. Not only does litter mess up the earth’s surface, it also affects the ecosystem. For instance, if litter is washed into bodies of water, it will affect the water, contaminating it. This will then affect the fishes in the water. If the fishes are unhealthy and unsafe, the people will also suffer in the long run.

How Can You Fight Litter?

There are various ways to address the litter problem in your area. Here are a few tips:

  • Recycle and re-use bottles, cans, and plastics. If you have pieces of paper which can still be used, recycle them as well.
  • You should also consider buying containers that are biodegradable. For instance, instead of plastic, you can use glass.
  • Know about your local government’s street sweeping program and follow their instructions beforehand. You can also report construction sites or business owners with litter problem in your area.
  • Purchase items that are durable to reduce waste and choose products made from recycled materials.
  • Choose packaging that is biodegradable. If possible, choose products with no packaging.

If you want to protect the Earth, you should start making a change by starting with yourself. In doing so, you might spark an awareness that was not there before. This might make your campaign known throughout the world.